Entrepreneurship Is Tough Tougher For A Woman In India Says Indian Woman Entrepreneur Kunj Yadav

Kunj Yadav is a mother, a strong sportswoman and a perfect businesswoman on the rise. As the Director and Marketing Director of Yadu Corporation, Kunj Yadav is an inspiration to many young Indian women who want to wear the entrepreneurial hat. Currently, Yadu Corporation is a diversified conglomerate with business interests ranging from sugar, real estate, hospitality and energy sectors.

Kunj has successfully established the brand Yadu. Today, it is recognized as a bold, better and innovative company that offers quality products and is driven by values ​​such as diversity and inclusion. From the glare of society to the pressure of visiting family, Kunja has faced it all with utmost confidence and unquestionable courage. A lot of women give up on their dreams after becoming a mother, but that’s not the case with Kunj. Her three children never stopped her from achieving her goals, instead becoming her inspiration. She has always been a woman of effervescence. She was only 14 years old when she learned the biggest lesson of her life – always use your time, and so she started helping her father in the business at the same time. She loved it instantly and today she is at the top of her game.

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“Encouraging women entrepreneurship in India is a challenging and complex task, but it is also one that offers an unprecedented opportunity to change the economic and social course of India, aadhi aabadi ie women for many, many decades to come. ” – Kunj Yadav

Few would argue that India’s growth story has not played fair to a key demographic: women. Despite some improvements in social conditions, India’s growth does not reflect the economic integration and development of women. Kunj reiterates this and goes on to explain that “the irony is that there are many women founders or co-founders only ‘on paper’. If you look at the extent of their involvement, you will find that their actual role is negligible or negligible. Which is indicative of the Indian society’s image of women as business leaders Most still believe that women are fit for the bedroom rather than the boardroom.

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Kunj, however, believes that things are getting better. There have been changes at the policy level that have improved some things for women entrepreneurs, but such interventions need to be accelerated. Women entrepreneurship in India today requires concerted efforts in several key areas such as a comprehensive and enabling policy framework, equitable access to capital, tailored knowledge and capacity building, and most importantly, social entrepreneurship.

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“My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is simple – if you really feel the urge, do it. Get rid of all your fears and give it a try. No matter what you believe; but believe me honey, we have nothing to lose. ” – Kunj Yadav

Kunj practices what she preaches. As a leading entrepreneur, she saw it as her responsibility to make her organization a gender-sensitive workplace. As a result, 30% of Yadu Corporation’s workforce is female, which she expects will only increase over time. A graduate of Delhi University, Kunj has also been a national level discus and netball player. She remains very conscious of her training schedule and inspires everyone around her to pay attention to her physical fitness.


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