Microsoft Mesh, the Arrival of Hologram Meetings

Microsoft Mesh will revolutionize the market with its hologram project. Some did not trust the development of the technology, one of them was Guy Laliberté, co-founder of Cirque du Soleil. Although Microsoft Ignite 2021 was a game-changer last year, this year Microsoft is revolutionizing virtual reality technology even more with Mesh.

Microsoft Mesh is a new technology that reproduces meeting participants as if they were holograms. Star Wars style, like when the Jedi masters meet, and you see different holograms of the characters as if they were in the same room. However, everyone is in their own home or office, but thanks to this new technology, it will seem as if they are right next to you in the meeting.

This virtual reality room, Microsoft Mesh, has already been tested by Guy Laliberté. He couldn’t believe that he could combine the magic of show business with virtual reality. However, with the help of Microsoft Mesh, he was able to offer his fans a show on this mixed reality platform. The artist and the presenter were moving light, and the audience was an avatar in this holographic world.

How Microsoft Mesh works

Microsoft Mesh is a technology referred to as mixed reality, as it is part virtual reality and part augmented reality. Microsoft Mesh uses virtual reality to personalize your screen, i.e. create a virtual room or environment. At the same time, it implements augmented reality through people’s avatars.

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When you enter these virtual meetings, you see 3D representations of the participants as if they were characters in a video game. And with HoloLens technology, this remote interaction becomes possible.

So the operation is very simple because it would all be done through an application created using Mesh and HoloLens. The user creates their avatar to customize it to look as much like themselves as possible. Then, with this avatar, the user enters a meeting in a virtual room.

The Internet has made great strides in our daily activities. A few years ago, you still had to use maps to get around a tourist town, but today the mobile phone takes you everywhere. You can also shop online without going to a physical store. This change was noticed mostly by the players. They can play online with players from all over the world. In addition, you no longer have to go to physical entertainment venues. For example, casino players can get the same experience as in a real casino through live dealer casinos. They are available in most online casinos and the game is more immersive because you can talk to them. We can bet on all table games, from poker to roulette. Also, you can play from anywhere because they are adapted for mobile devices. In the world of work, it has shown that it is possible to work from home without any problems, offering employees more flexibility and better performance.

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Microsoft Mesh is therefore a project still under development that implements other technologies, such as Azure, for user security, and the help of the company HoloLens 2. The app only works with Microsoft AR headsets, but expect that to change in the future. This technology and project has been evolving for years, just like any other technology that has been developed due to technological and internet advancements.

For example, when it comes to project security, they work with Azure to guarantee data protection. Mesh’s service is based on the Azure cloud, a data processing and artificial intelligence company. Tests are currently being conducted through AltspaceVR avatars. In the future, it is expected that non-VR and non-AR devices will also benefit from this Mesh technology.

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Benefits of Microsoft Mesh

Microsoft Mesh is a technology developed for enterprises; a platform that makes it easy for them to meet. When you build a building with a mesh, you can see scale plans and a virtual representation of the final product. Likewise, developers such as engineers will also benefit from being able to showcase their creations through 3D models.

A big advantage of Microsoft Mesh is that it will feel like all participants are in one place. Mesh allows them to have an interactive meeting without physically being in the same building or city. You just need to connect to the server, put on your virtual or augmented reality glasses, and you’re done. They will be in a business meeting.

Microsoft Mesh is getting polished bit by bit. When it reaches its final stage, many companies will want to implement the platform as a work tool. It has great potential because Mesh is changing virtual meetings and remote work.


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