Sustainability of a venture vs Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a high-level trait that can give an entrepreneur more knowledge in four months than in four years. But where does an entrepreneur start and should he focus on one startup or should he continue to explore opportunities and improvise new ventures all the time. What is the sustainability period of the start-up?

The economic and political situation in the Pakistani market is very unstable and changing very rapidly. Over time, it becomes very difficult to keep up with the new regulations introduced by the government. Businesses are increasingly under pressure to keep up with regulatory changes and find it very difficult to keep up with ever-changing regulatory requirements.

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A recent study found that there are two types of entrepreneurs; 1) Those who start a business and continue to grow it and bring it to a certain level of maximum potential and make it sustainable, 2) There are entrepreneurs who start a business, grow it to a certain level and then start another vertical. their interest.

Whether an entrepreneur should take one initiative, make the business sustainable and continue to run it after it has reached its full potential is still a big question. Or they should have the skills to take on a series of initiatives and continue to grow new businesses. The answer to this is quite complex and has many biases attached to it.

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One school of thought says that the way forward should be to maintain one vertical and maintain it through continuous SWOT analysis. In this way, the company can reach its greater potential and people will be associated with it for a longer period of time.

Another school of thought might argue against this, stating that by introducing new verticals; a full life cycle has been achieved after initial launch; entrepreneurs will be able to achieve more and contribute more overall. An entrepreneur will be considered a serial entrepreneur because he will have a portfolio of successful businesses and will have more earnings. Also, after a while the business becomes less challenging and the entrepreneur gets tired of the routine.

Although there are examples that support both scenarios, the debate never ends and gets us nowhere. No matter the situation, there is one thing that needs to be nurtured… and that is entrepreneurship, because it is where creativity comes from and it is the oxygen for any country’s ecosystem.

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