Vaishnaw inaugurates Entrepreneurship Cell, Centre of Innovation

Union Telecom and IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw inaugurated the Entrepreneurship Unit and Innovation Center at the Telematics Development Center here on Wednesday, an official statement said.

The government has approved a Rs 124 billion proposal to set up incubation centers at the Delhi and Bangalore campuses of the Center for Development of Telematics (C-DoT) in the Digital Communication Innovation Square (DCIS) under the Champion Services Sector Scheme.

“IVI is established to promote local innovation and entrepreneurship in various fields of telecommunications, such as IoT, M2M, AI, ML, 5G, etc., encouraging local start-ups to play an important role in strengthening the overall technological system, facilitated by synergistic cooperation between research. and development, academia, industry and start-ups,” the statement said.

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The Center for Innovation (COI) will accelerate the design, development and implementation of cost-effective and globally competitive telecommunications solutions in the country, it added.

During the C-DoT visit, the Minister reviewed C-DOT’s current technology programs including 5G, Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) and advanced security projects.

”He (Vaishnav) commended the extraordinary efforts of C-DOT teams in establishing a fully indigenous 4G system powered by C-DOT Core and RAN (Radio Access Network) from local industry partners. He hailed this achievement as a concrete step towards achieving ‘AtmanirBharta’ in the field of telecom,” the statement said.

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The minister also expressed confidence in the capabilities of C-DOT and the local technology ecosystem to build world-class 5G networks that are entirely driven by indigenous technology and assured the government’s full support for C-DOT to become a global leader in telecommunications. in the industry.

Vaishnov also mentioned that the opening of the regional office of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in India will promote research and innovation in the new fields of telecommunications and will create more opportunities for a wider investment of domestic talent in the development of telecommunications. various global telecommunication technology standards, the statement said.

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C-DoT Executive Director Rajkumar Upadhyay said the minister’s visit to C-DOT and boosting the morale of researchers by showing them the direction that will shape the contours of designing and developing holistic telecom solutions in the country.

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